Online Events

This is a list of the online events happening throughout the day. This page will become a list of all the known videos premiereing, zoom events and other livestream events throughout the day! If it’s going online and can be seen anywhere in the world (ticketed or otherwise) get in touch and I’ll it to this list! If it’s on YouTube and a Premiere I can add it to the playlist in advance.

Saturday 27th April 2024

Sunday 18th April 2024
01:00 – Nyckelharpa News Network – News Bulletin

06:45 – Start of the Global Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson Vals videostream
07:00 – The Global Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson (Website page)

10:00 – Tunes and a Chat with David Chadwick, Kirsty Money and Vicki Swan