The Global Tune – Vännens Långdans

Film yourself and send it to me I’ll edit it into one big mosaic! There are four different levels you can play.

  1. Really easy: play the pizzicato part (pretty much open strings)
  2. Normal: Play the tune through three times
  3. Normal-plus: Melody once ➛ counter melody 1 twice
  4. Harder: melody ➛ counter melody 1 ➛ counter melody 2

Below you’ll find a video teaching the tune, a video with the counter melodies and also a video with the guide. We’ll take videos any time from now until a week after the event to edit together.

You can send your video anytime from now! Get in touch!

This video shows you how to film yourself. (I made it for the Byss-Calle mosaic, but it’s the same process!