Where Are We?

It’s really interesting to see where we all are, so add yourself to the map. (Instructions are below) every entry gets moderated, so don’t worry if you don’t see yourself on the map instantly! (Last update was 24/7/23)

Nyckelharpa Players added to the map:
+Add NH player!
Click on the picture to make it bigger (opens in a new window)

To add yourself click on the plus symbol at the top right hand side of the map below. Like the one to the right here!

Don’t be too accurate with your location and you don’t have to put your full name, but you must put a name – each entry will be moderated, so if there is no name or we don’t recognise you as a genuine nyckelharpa player it’ll be spammed. If you are adding for more than one nyckelharpa player – make a note in the notes section so I can get the tally at the top to be accurate.

If you want to edit a change to your entry – just make a new one and write in the comments box that this is an edit and I’ll take care of it.

Add a new location