Join us in the World Nyckelharpa Day Zoom Cafe. The meeting opens at 11:30am and stays open all day for workshops, concerts, presentations and sessions. One meeting link gets you into everything! A token donation will get you the link! Or just get in touch!
We’d love to have as many people there as possible!

If you can’t be there live in Zoom there are plenty of YouTube videos being premiered.
Send in your own video to join in the fun!

World Nyckelharpa Day 2024 is going to be celebrated on Sunday 28th April – the closest Sunday to the birthday of the legendary nyckelharpa player Byss-Calle. Taking part is easy. Take photos or video and post to Social Media and tag us: #worldnyckelharpaday. As in the previous years there will be the global playing of a tune at midday UK time and send in your video for the mosaic. Check out the events page for lots of events happening the whole day! Follow the hashtag #worldnyckelharpaday on your chosen social media!