World Nyckelharpa Day – Sunday 28th April 24

Sunday 28th April is going to creep up on all of us very, very fast. So it’s time to get those cameras out and start filming!

This year we have the groovy beautiful Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson as the Global Mosaic tune. The tune will be played at Midday UK time and we’ll make a mosaic of as many people playing it as possible. You can film this right away and send your file in – you don’t have to wait until the day itself!

This year we have decided to use both YouTube and Zoom. So you’ll be able to watch the Premieres as they go public and also meet other harpa players around the world in Zoom! Visit the events listing on the website.

So that we can start building the playlist – it’s time to get your camera out and start making your videos to send in so that we can get them scheduled and on the list.

The grand day of Zooming starts with the Tokyo Scandi Zoom Session at 9:15am UK time. The World Nyckelharpa Day Zoom Cafe will open just before the Global tune around 11:30am UK time. This will stay open most of the day. We have plans for workshops and concerts – keep checking the website for the details!

To help keep spammers out entry to the Zoom is by donation. The donations go towards the upkeep of the website and the Zoom for the day. The donate link is on the website.

The people leading workshops will all have their own donation links on the day.

We still have the map of where we all are, so if you’ve not added yourself to the map, then go get yourself added, let’s see how many we are! All the instructions are on the website.

We have a FaceBook page and also a group. It’s easier for people to post into the group, so we’re hoping that this year it’ll be full of postings from everyone!

The most important thing is to get yourself out there playing and sharing. Use the hashtag #worldnyckelharpaday and send us your videos!!

I’ll be in touch as we get closer – asking for videos and events!
Keep safe and in tune!
Vicki & Team