World Nyckelharpa Day 2024 – That’s a Wrap!

This year was totally amazing!
The YouTube Playlist is still and will stay up for anyone that couldn’t make the Zoom meeting. Anything that was filmed on the day has now been added to it. So you have Alyssa’s workshop, the Global Brudmarsch Live Stream (which for the first year really was a livestream and not a pre-record!) All the videos that were premiered throughout the day and our final concert.

The highlight was the Zoom meeting. We started in Tokyo in the morning. I’d like to thank: Alyssa Rodriguez, Kirsty Money and Regina Kunkel for leading workshops. Anders Persson, Olov Gibson for presenting from Källunge. Esbjörn Hogmark for his talk on UNESCO. Leslie Foley ,Ben Teitelbaum, Bern & Beate Segnitz, Bruce Sagan and Sheila Morris for all the wonderful American Nyckelharpa Association Zoom Jam.

And finally I announce The Global Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson is released! Thank you to everyone that sent in a video! This year we had 103 nyckelharpa players, which is the most we’ve ever had and sounds amazing! Thank you!

Excitingly we completed the 57 Byss-Calle tunes this year – thank you to everyone that contributed and you can watch that 

Thank you again for supporting World Nyckelharpa Day and making the Zoom such a great success! I never thought we would have so many people from so many different time zones staying the distance!

The date for next year will be Sunday 27th April 2025 … Who wants the Zoom back again next year? Hope to see you somewhere on the harpa road!