The year has turned round again and it’s less than 40 days to go until the big day itself! Since last year I have rebuilt the website and made a mailing list of as many nyckelharpa players around the globe as I could think of. So if you’re getting this email and don’t want to be on the World Nyckelharpa mailing list just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

World Nyckelharpa Day is a celebration of the most wonderful instrument. So it doesn’t really matter how you celebrate, as long as you do it loudly! There are some things that I’ve set up to to help the day go with a swing!

There is an events listing on the website. Get in touch to add any event you’re holding on the day! It can be a YouTube video premier, a livestream or a face-to-face event. (I edit each of the time zones manually, so be sure to check my conversion and correct me if need be!)

It would be amazing if as many people as possible went outside at midday and played The Vännens Långdans. I am premiering a video at 12:00 UK time for people to play along with. If you can play along live that would be brilliant. But it’s not going to be a good time for everyone! So if you like – do this at midday in your own time zone. The premier video will start at 11:45am – so if you want to be playing the tune along with me at midday, start the video at 11:45 your time! I will edit this into a big mass mosaic after the event, so film yourself doing it! The music, lessons and guides are all up on the website. This means that you can actually do your filming before the event happens too! (I’ll happily take any videos from now!)

The past two years I have created a Byss-Calle mosaic that has been released on the day. This year it’s Byss-Calle 25. I’d love lots and lots of people to send me their videos and I’m definitely taking them from now! Instructions, music and guides are on the website! I will edit until the last minute, but the more I get the earlier the better!

I would love it if we can complete the Byss-Calle playlist that we started in 2020 – I thought it was a time for a refresh of the the tunes, so you can choose your BC tune to film and send in. The list is on the website. Get in touch to reserve your chosen tune. Only a few have been allocated, so there are lots of good ones still up for grabs!

We thought it would be great to have a video playlist of music usually associated with another instrument. So get your thinking cap on and see how wacky or left field you can be! The playlist is started! Get yours added!

So to summarise in a nice easy list:
1. Add your event!
2. Get ready for the Global Vännens Långdans
3. Film your Byss-Calle 25
4. Choose a Byss-Calle tune to film and send in
5. Film a tune not normally associated with the nyckelharpa

The important thing is just to celebrate the day. Post something somewhere using the hashtag #worldnyckelharpaday

Feel free to forward this mail on to anyone you think might not have spotted it – get people to sign up. There will be other mails between now and then! We’re hoping for some merchandise – so watch this space! Sorry for the really, really long email!

Lots of harpa love

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