The YouTube Playlist!

This is a list of the YouTube Premiers happening throughout the day. This page will become a list of all the known videos premiereing, zoom events and other livestream events throughout the day! If it’s going online and can be seen anywhere in the world (ticketed or otherwise) get in touch and I’ll it to this list! If it’s on YouTube and a Premiere I can add it to the playlist in advance. This page is being updated – so it might look a little messy for a few days as we figure out the best way to present all the information!
Some zoom events may be streamed to YouTube. Some YouTube Events might get “screen shared in Zoom so people can chat! The Zoom link is available by donation. (This can be as small as £1 and is to discourage spammers and goes to the upkeep of the website and the Zoom link).

Sunday 28th April 2024

Times on this page are UK BST.
(This is five hours ahead of eastern and one hour behind European CET)

Time Zoom Time YouTube
10:30-13:30 Tokyo Scandi Session, Tokyo Japan  23:00 Alyssa Rodriguez & Eivor Erkas – slängpolska efter Johan Jakob Bruun
    11:15   NNN – News Update
    11:30   Byss-Calle No. 26 – Rasmus Hemström & Vicki Swan
11:45 Getting ready for the Global Tune 11:45 Start of the Global Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson videostream
12:00 The Global Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson 12:00 The Global Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson
12:15 Session: Vicki Swan – Tunes from the Halsway Top 40 session pad. 12:15 The Rose of Savoy by Jane Parry
  12:30 A Belman’s Song by Ravenscroft – Carol Jones
  12:45   Byss-Calle No 44 by Anci Nordwall and Vicki Swan
13:00 Workshop: Alyssa Rodriguez 13:00 Kpop on the nyckelharpa Emelie Waldken
  13:15 Bast Minuet – Jane Parry
  13:30 Uti i Vår Hage – Tauno from Taiwan
  13:39 Byss-Calle No 38 – Ute Gosch-Adler
  13:45 Byss-Calle No 53 – Vicki Swan
14:00 Live Zoom Event from Källunge Church on Gotland: Nyckelharpa from Källunge 1350’s and today.
The event will start streaming at 14:15-14:45. The meeting is open all day.
14:00 No-one Escapes Perry the Partridge
  14:15  Jos Koning – A tribute to Bert Aalbers
  14:30 Tunes and a Chat with David Chadwick, Kirsty Money and Vicki Swan
15:00 Kirsty Money to lead a Zoom workshop 15:00 Byss-Calle No. 33 – Didier François
  15:15 Resonans barokconsort: the Nyckelharpa retaliation
  15:30 Resonans Consort Worldmusic plays IPA gubben
  15:45 Vicki & Jonny’s session for World Nyckelharpa Day 2024 – The Playford Dancing Master
16:00 Regina Kunkel to lead a Zoom Workshop  
  16:15 Linda Hall – Beau Nash
  16:30 Byss-Calle No. 45 – David Chadwick & Vicki Swan
  16:45 Byss-Calle No. 29 – Amy Håkanson
17:00 Esbjörn Hogmark has kindly agreed to come and talk about the UNESCO project: UNESCO – Intangible Cultural Heritage “The Nyckelharpa Network” an innovative dissemination of a music and instrument-building tradition Register of Good Safeguarding Practices 17:00

Catch Club! ⬅︎ Music!
 Canon for Vicki – Vicki, David, Kirsty & Leanne


Canon for Vicki – Playthrough video


 Canon for Vicki – Minus1 video


Canon for Vicki – Trio by Vicki!

  17:15 The Fields of Yarrow and The Red Barn – Jane Parry
  17:30 Nyckelharpa meets Didgeridoo – Anna Breger
  17:45 Kongurei Tuvan meets Sweden – Emelie Waldken
    17:45 All you need to know about the Nyckelharpa – Jean Darbois
Blue Serpentine – Jean Darbois
Nyckels en Amérique – Jean Darbois
18:00 American Nyckelharpa Association Zoom 18:00 ?
  18:15 ?
  18:30 ?
  18:45 ?
19:00 19:00 ?
  19:15 ?
  19:30 ?
  19:45 ?
20:00 Concert by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer 20:00 ?
  20:15 ?
  20:30 ?
  20:45 ?
21:00 Closing of the Global Zoom Café