Thank you for an amazing day!

Thank you for such an amazing day yesterday! Watching all the comments, the likes the hashtags come rolling in was truly amazing and inspiring! Although I was in the middle of a field for most of the day I was able to be around and watch quite a lot! The great thing about celebrating virtually is that a lot of things are still there on the website to watch! So just pop on over to the events listing page and click the links, or press play on the YouTube playlist and let the music happen!

My last job for this year is to edit the Global Vännens Långdans. Thank you to everyone that has sent in their videos already.
There is now a shorter version of the livestream up on the website for you to play along with – but the two longer versions are still up for you to enjoy.

I am on the road gigging over the next week, with brief visits home. So I will start editing the video on the 4th May. So there is over a week for you to send me your videos. I can’t wait to hear and see how it ends up!

Thank you again for making #worldnyckelharpaday such a great celebration of such a wonderful instrument!