Hello everyone!
There is now only one week to go until it’s World Nyckelharpa Day and I’m getting excited! I spent some time filming and editing this week, so things are starting to be added to the website. The Global Vännens Långdans is now set up and ready to go! The link is at the bottom of this entry. Because Midday UK time isn’t the best for everyone there is a second one going out at Midday PST – so you can do one or even both! If you want to do something in Zoom – then hang around in the American Nyckelharpa Association Zoom and it’s very likely there will be a live playing there!

It’s more than likely that there are more things going on than I have listed – so if you have something going on, get in touch and I’ll list it! Search for #WorldNyckelharpaDay and things come up!

If you’ve promised a Byss-Calle 57 tune now is the time to send it in! Especially if you’re planning on sending in a 25 for the mosaic – don’t tarry, send it now! Editing has begun! I am on the road from Friday morning and everything has to be done by then! Absolutely everything!

Have a great Easter and a great week!
See you all soon!