Nyckelharpa Courses

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21st – 25th March 2022 – Nyckelharpa Study Week: Next Steps! Halsway Manor, England
Monday to Friday filled with lots of learning. Technical exercises will abound, a boot camp of sorts

25th – 27th March 2022 – Spring Weekend for Beginners and Intermediates, Halsway Manor, England
This weekend caters for complete beginners with instruments provided and the less confident player wanting to improve. A second tutor to be announced.

1st – 3rd April 2022 Nyckelharpa Weekend in The Netherlands
Tutor: Koen Vanmeerbeek

22th – 2th April 2022Nyckelharpa Weekend, Balingen, Germany
What better way to spend World Nyckelharpa Day than on a Nyckeharpa course in Germany! Four tutors.

3rd – 6th June 2022Nyckelharpa Weekend, Belgium

26th – 30th June 2022Ekebyholm, Sweden
Tutors: Ditte Andersson, David Eriksson, Caroline Eriksson, Johan Lång, Torbjörn Näsbom
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5th – 12th July 2022Nordic Fiddles and Feet, USA

8th – 10th August 2022 – Nyckelharpa Camp Summer Masterclass, Bertinoro, Italy
Marco Ambrosini, Annete Osann and Vicki Swan in lovely warm Italy, early music and Swedish tunes in the nyckelharpa camp.

8th – 12th August 2022Knavertorka, Tobo, Sweden
5 days at Nyckelharpa HQ

15th – 19th August 2022Laxön Nyckelharpa Course, Sweden
5 days in Älvkarleby, home of Byss-Calle. Run by Leif Alpsjö

16th – 18th September 2022 – Full Festival Weekend, Halsway Manor, England
Full Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend. Three tutors, from beginner to advanced. Experience the Midsommar murders of the nyckelharpa world!

5th – 9th October 2022 – Burg Fürsteneck, Germany
Seven tutors in a castle all teaching nyckelharpa. All levels from beginners needing to borrow instruments to advanced. What are you waiting for book now!