The First Ever World Nyckelharpa Day was held online! This means that you can experience quite a lot it all over again! Follow the schedule to relive the day as it happened! 
The blue links all link through to each stream/video or event!

Saturday 25th April
17:00 UTC Norrlands Nyckelharpsträff (Zoom #digistämman)
18:00 UTC Dråm Livestream (FaceBook #digistämman)
19:15 UTC Sunniva Abelli Livestream (FaceBook #digistämman) 

Sunday 26th April
07:00 UTC Tokyo Scandi Session Online (YouTube and Zoom)
07:50 UTC Nyckelharpa Keep Fit with Vicki Swan (YouTube)
08:00 UTC Nyckelharpa – L’Instrumentarium de l’Insolite (Youtube Premier)
08:00 UTC Release of the Byss-Calle 57 Playlist (Youtube)
09:00 UTC Sue Ferrers Live Stream (FaceBook)
11:00 UTC Global Live playing of Björnlåten (12:00 London time)
12:00 UTC David Chadwick Livestream (instagram)
12:00 UTC Liam Byrne’s String Theory BBC Radio 3  
13:00 UTC Daniel Pettersson Livestream (FaceBook)
14:00 UTC Nyckelharpa Show with Vicki (Youtube Premier)
15:00 UTC Nyckelharpa Workshop with Peter Puma Hedlund (FaceBook)  
16:00 UTC Watch Party of the Storis & Limpan Livestream on FaceBook
17:00 UTC Emilia Amper Live Stream Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 (FaceBook)
20:00 UTC Amy Håkanson Livestream on FaceBook
21:00 UTC Bird House Virtual World Nyckelharpa Day Celebration (Zoom)

Tuesday 28th April
18:00 UTC A History of the Nyckelharpa with Emelie Waldken (Youtube)