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Nyckelharpa simply translates at Keyed-Fiddle. It is a fiddle that has keys. These keys push tangents that act as frets, each key pushing one tangent against a string to fret it and change the pitch of the note. Since at least the 1700s the nyckelharpa has had sympathetic resonating strings. These are not directly bowed, but are allowed to ring free by themselves, which increases the volume and adds resonance to the bowed melody strings and gives it an other worldly sound. It is said that all nyckelharpa players are embued with magical properties.

There is a growing community of nyckelharpa players throughout the whole world and through the whole year. Check out the list to see if and when there is a course near you! (If you run a course get in touch to be added to the list!)

By Date | By Location

2020 Dates

10th - 12th January
UK - Benslow Music, beginner*

8th February
UK - Morpeth Beginners Workshop, beginner*

9th February
UK - Morpeth Day Workshop, intermediate

23rd - 27th March
UK - Halsway Manor, advanced players (cancelled)

27th - 29th March
Austria - Nyckelharpa Tanzt, all levels**

17th - 20th April
USA - Springdans Northwest, all levels

18th April
Scotland - Falkirk Beginners Workshop, beginner* (cancelled)

24th - 26th April
Germany - Nyckelharpa Wochenende, all levels** (cancelled)

30th April - 3rd May
Belgium - Stageweekend, all levels**

15th - 17th May
UK - Halsway Manor, beginner* and intermediates (cancelled)

13th - 20th June
USA - Scandia Club Mendocina, all levels

22nd - 26th June
Sweden - Låtkursen på Ekebyholm, all levels

28th June - 5th July
USA - Nordic Fiddles and Feet, all levels

13th - 17th July
Sweden - Sommarkurs i Nyckelharpa, all levels

30th July - 2nd August
Italy - Early Music Summer Masterclass, includes nyckelharpa

13th - 16th August
France - Qiqalson, advanced

17th - 21st August
Sweden - Laxön Folk Music Course, all levels**

19th - 23rd August
France - Pomey

25th - 28th August
Sweden - Kringelfolk, Södertälje, all levels**

18th - 20th September
UK - Halsway Manor, full festival weekend, all levels

8th - 11th October
Germany - Burg Fürsteneck, International Days of Nyckelharpa, all levels**

13th - 15th November
Netherlands - Nyckelharpa Workshop

28th - 29th November
France - close to Paris

Courses throughout the year

Eric Sahlström Institute - Sweden
Distance Course and one year full time course

European Nyckelharpa Training - Germany, Italy

* instruments provided for beginners
** instruments can be rented for beginners

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