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World Nyckelharpa Day is all about nyckelharpa players around the world celebrating this wonderful instrument. So if you have an idea for celebrating - run with it! Get in touch to have your event (online or face-2-face) and we will add it to the list of events on the events page.

Make sure that you use the hashtag

You could also include: #nyckelharpa #moraharpa #kontrabasharpa #silverbasharpa #keyed-fiddle

The Global Tune

At 11:00am UTC (Midday London UK) time we would like as many people to play a tune together. The tune for 2022 hasn't been chosen yet. We will be going to make this into a big video after the day. So film yourself as you play this and send it in to us, we will edit it together.
Instructions will follow!

Videos from Around the World

We are going to create a playlist of tunes from around the world. Film youself playing a tune from your country and send it to us to be added to the playlist! Click here to see the list as it unfolds on the 25th!

The Big Byss-Calle Mosaic

We have made mosaics of 32 and 57 - there will be another in 2022

Social Media

Taking part can be as simple as making a video of yourself an uploading it to Youtube. You can submit your video to us and we'll add it to the official youtube channel (coming soon) or upload to yours, tag it and let us know where it is and we'll add it to a playlist.

We will be active on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Make sure you follow us!

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