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The Byss-Calle Klockstapelsvalsen Mosaic

We're Going to Make the Mass Byss-Calle Video!

Grab the dots Click Here.

To take part in the Klockstapelsvalsen Mosaic we need you to video yourself playing the tune. You can either play long to the video, or to the audio track. When you do this you must wear headphones so all we can hear is you playing on the video. We need audio and we need video - but if you'd like to record the audio separate to the video, this is perfectly fine! When the video is created the audio is being imported into different software to mix the different tracks together and then back into the video editing software. Deadline for submissions is 14th April

Speed 172 crotchets per minute
2 times through
No rit at the end and a final G
(please use the guide track, it'll help!)

The video guide is in the playlist, or download the audio file to play along to - Click Here.
(Right click and download to disk)
When you're done use WeTransfer and send it to info{a}worldnyckelharpaday.com

Here is the guide video with count in and click


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